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My name is Vasili Platunov and I own Est-Alfa K-9 Security Service LLC., a small security company which is based on working dogs, essentially the ancient and very efficient in protection breed, the Caucasian Shepherds (or, the Caucasian Mountains Dogs).

After 40 years of experience in K-9 domain, I would like to start a new project called “K-9 Border Wall”. The goal of the project is to provide our nation with a proven capability to fill border security gaps where illegal entry continues despite the enormous effort and costs that our government has invested.

There are all kinds of strategies in use now that are resulting in different levels of efficiency. From barriers and structures (walls and fences) to sensors and to human and K-9 patrols, our Nation’s border is secured by a spectrum of means.

Our idea is not to replace all those but rather to offer a completely different and cost-effective approach: to create a “K-9 Border Wall” using guardian dogs substantially sourced from my kennel and other dogs with good working potential sourced from rescue shelters.

I appeal to all who care about the fate of more than 4 million unfortunate dogs passing through the shelter and rescue systems. The majority of the dogs we plan on targeting for the program (large, strong, potentially aggressive, and climate hardy) are unlikely to be adopted by a typical dog owner. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these wonderful animals are euthanized due to the lack of appropriate homes for placement. The K-9 Border Wall program will benefit to the defense of our country by saving those dogs’ lives.

If you love dogs and love our country, please support the K9 Security Wall Project!

This concept has been already successfully used by many governments. I would like to adapt this experience to the demands of our country. Guardian dogs were very efficient in protecting the borders of the Eastern European countries and the former Soviet Union. “K-9 Border Wall” was also a primary mean of the border control at the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. It proved its usefulness in preventing border crossings without a single person being hurt by dogs.

“K-9 Border Wall” basically consists of the autonomous guardian dogs roaming free in the double fenced tracks along the border. I plan on sourcing the “K-9 Border Wall” not only with the Caucasian Shepherds which were bred for such work for centuries, but also largely with the unwanted dogs, which fit the criteria, from our animal shelters and rescue groups.

K-9 Border Walls will be structurally built using dual fencing. A section of the wall will be 300 feet (100m) long and 60 feet (20m) wide. The dual fencing will be 15 feet high. Each section will have spacey dog shelters and feeding and watering stations. An entrance will be located to enable efficient dog care operations (feeding, cleaning, health checks, etc.). These dogs will get all the care they need and deserve. Each one of these sections will house at least 2 guardian dogs, specially selected to ensure their compatibility. The dogs will be rotated from work to rest, taking their guard by shifts.

This mission is not for any dog. All dogs selected for the K-9 Border Wall will not only be large and tough, but also must have the necessary physical features to handle the weather challenges of our southern border.

Approximately 16 of these sections would cover a mile of the border (more or less depending on the specific geography of the border section). We can plan on approximately 30 to 40 dogs per mile. It’s important to note the tremendous savings in manpower the K-9 Border Wall has over traditional K9 operations where one dog requires one handler. K-9 Border Wall dogs operate independently and only require human handlers to feed and provide periodic care. Border patrols can be used to respond to situations that the dogs detect (intruders, tunnel digging, etc.). The K-9 Border Wall does not replace traditional K9 teams, it provides a completely different K9 strategy.

The K-9 Border Wall’s greatest attribute is its deterrence against human border crossing. The K-9 Border Wall will be best deployed in areas where human traffic has been a problem. There is no better guardian than dogs. Their senses are extremely sharp, and their first weapon of deterrence is their bark. Imagine dozens of huge dogs barking long before intruders are near the wall. Another proven capability of dogs is to detect subterranean activity such as tunneling. Good luck to those trying to dig under the K-9 Border Wall!

The Berlin Wall was approximately 100 miles long, 30 miles of which were protected by a K-9 Border Wall. Over the 30 years of the wall’s existence the dogs used there had a perfect record. Not only did nobody cross the wall. Not one person was bitten by any of these dogs because no one tried to go through the dogs! This proven, incredibly efficient system will work well at our southern border which is now in crisis.

We have already approached some governmental institutions with our project but sometimes it takes rather long way to accept and to elaborate the program.

While waiting for the government’s response to our border security concept, we plan on looking at privately owned sections of the border to implement K-9 Border Walls. Often overlooked are the vast areas of the border that are privately owned by farmers and ranchers. There are hundreds of vulnerable border miles from California to Texas where illegal crossing is occurring on a daily basis. These private land owners are desperate for the efficient security measures that will keep their property and families safe. K-9 Border Walls will be a welcomed additional tool to guard the privately owned sections of the border.

That’s why I’m proposing to you getting the K-9 Border Wall into operation on your properties. I believe that once functional, the K-9 Border Wall will show government decision makers the incredible potential it will have in plugging the holes where other border security techniques fail.

The initial implementation of constructing a one mile section of a K-9 Border Wall will cost approximately one million dollars. Construction of the dual fence and associated dog habitats will cost between four and six hundred thousand dollars depending on the geography of the border section. Organizational and operating expenses would be approximately 350 to 400 thousand dollars. After the first year ongoing maintenance and dog care would run between 200 and 250 thousand dollars. K-9 Border Walls are not free but the cost is much lower comparing to what most of the other border security measures costs (aerial surveillance, sensor systems, human patrols, etc.).

Our goal is to provide our nation a proven capability to fill border security gaps where illegal entry occurs. By building K-9 Border Walls patrolled by selected guardian dogs we will eliminate any unauthorized attempt to cross our border at locations susceptible to illegal crossings.

Also, we will save many dogs from shelters while giving them important noble work.

As I mentioned before, the K-9 Border Wall is not a new concept. It is already proven and it works very well if properly implemented. Wherever dogs are used they detect and stop human trespassing. In fact, we already use dogs at the most sensitive places in our country (on the White House grounds for example)

We need your participation to make this vision reality.

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